External Evaluator

إعلان مجاني ( إقرأ التحذير أولا)

تاريخ النشر ٢٨ أكتوبر ٢٠١٩
المكان فلسطين - Jerusalem, Jenin
المرتب N/A
الخبرة المطلوبة 5 Years
المؤهل التعليمي Bachelor's degree

Name of the organization: Barta’a  Municipality
Title of consultancy: External Evaluator
Duty Station: Barta’a Jenin
Start Date: 1 Dec 2019

The intervention area 

Barta’a cluster: The cluster is located west of Jenin and consists from Barta’a Ash Sharqiya village along with 6 other Palestinian communities. These localities are entrapped in an enclave and isolated from the centre of life in Jenin city and the nearby Palestinian villages which are set outside the enclave.

Project Context 

Title of the project: Enhancing Local Authorities' contribution to governance and development processes in Palestine
Implemented By: Barta’a municipality, IPCC

Duration: 4 years (2018- 2022)
Location: East Jerusalem
Funded by: European Union (EU)

In this framework, the aim of this project is to In that framework, the general objective of the Barta’a cluster ARD initiative is that Palestinian local Authorities contribute to governance and development process in Area C for a more equitable, open and democratic society

For contributing to that general objective and following the Call for Proposal logic, the specific objective to be achieved by the Barta’a cluster ARD initiative is that LA's and Area C communities of Barta’a Cluster capacities to collaborate in providing services, to promote local development and to contribute to territorial integration are enhanced.

Specific Objectives

-Relevance and Impact: To identify whether the project is making a difference to the target population as per the stated objective, including:
-Whether the project’s activities have had an impact, in particular the different awareness campaigns, trainings given to the groups and the community initiatives, and urban clinics.

-Effectiveness: To assess and make recommendations on the overall effectiveness of the project, including:

-The extent to which the methodology used is effective in achieving results;
-Any unexpected outcomes or consequences of activities (positive or not);
-Current Monitoring (and quality control) processes in operation.

-Efficiency: To assess whether the project has made an efficient use of resources in terms of money, staff, time and number of beneficiaries reached.

Evaluation Team

Qualified individual consultants or organizations are requested to submit a proposal for this consultation. The evaluation should cover the project’s activities in Barta’a cluster.


-Planned methods (including tools) and schedule presented to Barta’a municipality for input; in depth consultation meetings with Barta’a municipality and IPCC on methods and relevant questions before starting the evaluation process;
-In-depth interviewing with beneficiaries of the project;

-Field work, including meetings with beneficiaries, observation of activities etc;
-Final evaluation report.

The evaluation is expected to be completed within two months.

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Requirements: All transport to and from the field, necessary appointments for meetings with respondents, and any cost-related requirements will be part of the consultancy fees.-Relevant academic qualifications and field experience;-Highly proficient in written and spoken English as well Arabic;-Extensive experience in designing and implementation of assessments and evaluations;-Research skills and commitment to participatory research methodologies;-Objectivity, and ability to operate systematically with minimal supervision;-Result-oriented and committed to respecting deadlines.