We are looking for Senior Software Engineer

Jobify - Palestine - Ramallah

Jobify’s mission is to build the most efficient tool for machine learning and computer vision teams to turn assets into high quality training data. We aim to develop a performant, efficient, and beautifully designed browser interface served to a global workforce.

We at Jobify are looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer (fullstack) with the below qualifications:

  • You have 4+ years of hands-on experience building complex, data rich web applications

  • You have a deep understanding of CS fundamentals, a passion for modern web technologies,and a demonstrated fluency with object-oriented and functional programming languages.

  • Frontend development with Typescript, React,Redux, RxJS, or similar languages and frameworks

  • Backend development with NodeJS, Apollo GraphQL, SQL, Redis, or similar languages and frameworks

  • HTML5 Canvas-based image and video editing, especially developing content-aware and compute-assisted tooling

  • Real-time collaboration and productivity software

  • Browser network protocols and security best practices

  • Machine learning principles and data pipeline development In-depth knowledge of multimedia file formats and encoding standards

  • Pain-free local development with automated tooling for productivity and reliability; familiarity with Webpack, Docker, Kubernetes is a big plus

What You Will Accomplish

  • You will push the boundaries of what is possible in a browser, squeezing out every last ounce of performance available to build the world’s most powerful and performant, secure and stable training data platform

  • You will overcome tricky technical challenges and pioneer new uses of web technologies powering the features that enable our customers to make breakthroughs and advance the field of artificial intelligence

  • You will develop clean, beautiful code and leave it better than you found it

  • You will shape the future of Jobify by leading mission-critical projects that deliver outstanding customer value with precise execution

Post date: 6 April 2021
Publisher: Tanqeeb.com

Post date: 6 April 2021
Publisher: Tanqeeb.com