FSS Project Manager

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Posted date 4 November 2019
Location Palestine - Nablus
Job Type Full Time
Salary N/A
Required Experience 3 Years
Education Bachelor's degree

PREMIERE-URGENCE INTERNATIONAL (PUI) is an international, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit French organization intervening in 20 countries worldwide to provide a global response on the fundamental needs to victims of humanitarian crisis from the emergency to the restoration of their autonomy and dignity. Première-Urgence and Aide Médicale Internationale merged in 2011 to offer a better range of lifesaving care and life-changing assistance to communities affected by humanitarian crisis.

PUI’s humanitarian and development aid strategy focuses on providing support to populations affected by the coercive environment and subsequent violations of IHL/HR in both the West Bank (WB) and the Gaza Strip (GS). It combined several sectors to prevent the loss of livelihoods and displacements of population as a consequence of protection threats, lack of services (Health, Education, WASH), and lack of access to agricultural lands or job opportunities.

Overall Objective

The project manager will supervise the implementation of the HPF emergency project titled "Supporting olive farmers affected by the coercive environment when accessing and cultivating their land in the governorates of Qalqilya and Salfit" in all its components.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  1. Programs: He/She will ensure implementation and oversight of the project under his/her responsibility.
  2. Human Resources: He/She will supervise all project officers.
  3. Logistics and Administration: He/She will oversee the logistic and administrative duties of the project(s) under his/her responsibility.
  4. Representation: He/She will represent the association to local partners, authorities and players involved in implementation of the project.
  5. Safety and Security: He/She will assist in following safety and security rules on-base and will transmit all safety and security information to his/her supervisor.
  6. Strategy: He/She will assist in developing new operations as needed.

Specific Objectives and Linked Activity

  1. Ensure Implementation and Oversight of the project
  • He/She will ensure that aid recipients and local populations understand project objectives and actively participate in their implementation.
  • He/She will plan activities and ensure that the activity schedule is followed. If there are major delays in project implementation, He/She will immediately inform his/her supervisor and propose solutions to remedy the situation.
  • He/She will approve technical selections for the project(s).
  • He/She will oversight the project activities / components leaded by the local partner.
  • He/She will ensure the activities under his/her responsibility are running smoothly and ensure that the objectives defined in his/her project propositions are met. Above all, he/she will follow directions given, report to his/her supervisor, report any obstacles encountered during implementation and propose improvements or changes if necessary.
  • He/She will oversee implementation of monitoring and/or evaluation, depending on the needs of the project(s) in close collaboration with the M&E manager. He/She will analyze and transmit information collected to his/her supervisor.
  • He/She will ensure proper archiving of all documents produced for the project(s) and that the verification sources cited in the proposals are available.
  • He/She will send internal and external reports to his/her supervisor by the internal approval deadline (PMT) and external contractual deadline (project reports).
  • He/She will review / update project's beneficiary’s database regularly.
  • He/She will prepare purchase requests in the wake of each responses selection committee and if needed.
  • He/she will conduct random field visits to oversee the implementation of activities and follow up when needed.
  • He will work on continuous update of, SoPs.
  1. Supervise the project Team
  • He/She will develop job descriptions for his/her team members, have them approved by the Field Coordinator and actively participate in recruitment (interview, testing, etc.). He/She will participate in the decision to end a team member's work contract.
  • He/She will ensure that each person is evaluated in writing at least once per contract and per year and, at a minimum, before he/she leaves the job.
  • He/She will implement mechanisms for coordinating his/her own team and organize their supervision.
  • He/She will identify his/her team's training needs (organizational, methodological or technical support; training, etc.) and fulfill them.
  • He/She will develop his/her team's organizational chart and have it approved by the Field Coordinator.

Whenever needed, he will provide support to the field coordinator on the restructure of his project team to meet the needs.

  1. Oversee Logistic and Administration of the project
  • He/She will present the program needs to the Field Coordinator depending on the available budget. He/She will consider the mission's time and logistics constraints as well as the program's purchasing procedures to ensure that his/her request is realistic given the time needed to obtain supplies.
  • He/She will assist in analyzing vendor offers for purchases with highly technical specifications and carry out the necessary compliance tests.
  • He/She will actively participate in developing invitations to tender, in cooperation with the mission's Logistics Coordinator if necessary.
  • He/She will communicate to the Field Coordinator weekly his/her needs in terms of vehicles and communication equipment and materials for program implementation.
  • Along with the Field Coordinator, he/she will organize the logistics portion of his/her programs (delivery, distribution, on-site storage, etc.)
  • Each month, he/she will provide the Field Coordinator with all the information necessary to develop provisional funding for his/her program(s).
  • Each month, he/she will have an updated budget follow-up for the programs under his/her responsibility, and he/she will assist in analyzing it, detecting any discrepancies and proposing adjustments to the Field Coordinator.
  1. Represent PUI to other Partners
  • He/She will represent the association to NGO involved in implementation of the project and ensure that good relationships are maintained with them (within PUI's principles of neutrality and independence).
  • With the agreement of the Field Coordinator, he/she will attend and actively participate in any coordination meetings held on relevant matters.
  • In the event of visits by Donors, he/she will actively help prepare for and assist in the visit.
  1. Ensure Safety and Security of Persons and Property
  • He/She will ensure that the safety and security plan is understood by the team under his/her responsibility and that the safety and security rules are followed.
  • He/She will help collect information on the safety and security of his/her region of operations and send it to the Field Coordinator regularly or ad hoc in case of emergency.
  • He/She will ensure that the project(s), methodology and selection criteria do not endanger aid recipients, PUI members or anyone else. He/She will immediately alert the Field Coordinator if teams or aid recipients are in danger.
  • He/She will ensure that his/her team members and any day laborers have the proper safety equipment for their activities (for example, helmets, safety shoes, protective vests, etc.)

Reports to

WB Field Coordinator (line manager)

Works in coordination with

Direct management

  • 1 Direct technical Officer.
  • 1 Indirect technical officer/ Working for partner.


  • Internal: He/She works in collaboration with (not exhaustive) Deputy HoM, all Sectorial Technical Coordinators (Protection Advisor, M&E manager, etc.)
  • External: He/ She represents PUI in front of local partner, local authority, relevant clusters…etc.

Duty Station

This position is based in PUI Field Office in Nablus with frequent travel throughout the West Bank and frequent travel to Ramallah to participate in cluster meetings and other meetings.

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Required Knowledge and Skills Bachelor’s or Master degree in a field related to Project Management, development, agricultural engineering, social studies, or any relevant field. Relevant working experience in related fields with a focus in Technical and Humanitarian areas. Good writing skills Understanding of project management Prior knowledge of the project area Understanding of institutional donor (ECHO, UN agencies, etc.) procedures. Required Personal Charecterstics Ability to work independently and with a sense of initiative and responsibility High stress tolerance Diplomatic and open-minded Good analytic ability Ability to organize and manage priorities Ability to make proposals and find solutions Ability to work and manage people in a professional and mature manner Ability to take into consideration the local environment and its political, economic and historical aspects Ability to work in volatile and secluded contexts Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and English Computer skills, in particular MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Project and the Internet

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