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As part of ‘Clowning for Prosperity’ project supported by DROSOS FOUNDATION in Palestine, and in order to improve its revenue base, RED NOSES Palestine (RNPS) is looking for a qualified external consultant to develop a three-year resource mobilisation strategy and plan (2021-2023). This document should look into the different available resource mobilisation opportunities and will aim at increasing the financial stability of RNPS. By doing this, RNPS will continue to provide an income for the Palestinian performing artists (healthcare clowns). Based on the strategy, the external consultant will also develop a three-year plan, which will support RNPS in the implementation of the strategy.    

About RED NOSES Palestine (RNPS):

RNPS is an artistic organisation with the mission to provide humour and laughter to people in need of joy. RNPS was officially registered as a branch office of RED NOSES International (RNI) at the Palestinian Ministry of Interior under registeration number QR-0208-F on September 30th, 2012. It is the first artistic organisation in Palestine that combines the art of clowning with healthcare and introduces this creative performing art into unusual places like social and medical facilities. Since the establishment, RNPS has contributed to the development of a Palestinian creative clowning sector that contains many local performing artists and has a great impact on the health, cultural and artistic life and scene in Palestine.

RED NOSES vision:

  • We believe in the beauty of human emotions and strive to help people rediscover moments of happiness, especially in times and places of crisis and hardship.
  • We envision the creation of a healthier and more humane world by contributing to the wellbeing of all human beings.
  • With the art of philosophy of professional clowning we support society in reconnecting with joy, happiness and optimism.
  • A healthy society knows how to laugh and play; people living in a healthy society are connected to each other.
  • RED NOSES is a global movement with a clear focus on encouraging more joy and happiness in the world.

The project:

Clowning for Prosperity is a three-year project (2021-2023) supported by DROSOS FOUNDATION. The overall project goal on the long-term is to have a solid and a sustainable creative healthcare clowning industry in Palestine that is able to provide career opportunities for Palestinian young performing artists, thus, contributing to their economic development. Nurturing this creative industry shall continue to provide healthcare clowning services to a growing number of Palestinian medical and social facilities throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem, reaching to an even greater number of vulnerable and marginalised groups. As the healthcare clowning services grow to cover larger parts of the Palestinian territories, it will also allow more artists from those areas to become involved as healthcare clowns. Achieving this will have a great impact on the Palestinian cultural scene and the flourishment of Palestinian performing artists. To make the creative clowning sector thrive, the project activities will focus on two main aspects: (1) empower Palestinian performing artists (males and females) to become economically self-sufficient while pursuing personal and professional development, and (2) build a strong organisational basis for RNPS to become a “thought leader” in healthcare clowning within the Palestinian cultural and artistic scene.  

The Purpose of this assignment:

Big part of this project focuses on building the institutional capacity of RED NOSES Palestine in general, but also in more specific on strengthening the local resource mobilisation and fundraising efforts in order to achieve financial stability and expand the income portfolio. Taking into consideration the particular Palestinian context, as well as the legal status of RNPS as a branch office for an international organisation, the external consultant should explore all available resource mobilization options suitable for RNPS to ensure a long-term financial stability for the organisation. The aim of this strategy is not only to look at the already practiced fundraising methods of seeking grants and proposal writing, but also to look into other opportunities that can fit the given context and circumstances (eg: self-generated income, collaboration with the private sector). After the development of the strategy, the external consultant is expected to prepare an action plan that will help RNPS in the implementation of the strategy.

Scope of the assignment:

  • Review the relevant documents at RNPS, including new and old strategies, action plans, proposals, reports and website.
  • Understanding the legal status of RNPS as a branch office of an international organization and how this may influence the resource mobilisation efforts.
  • Hold meetings with RED NOSES Palestine local staff, as well as RED NOSES International in Vienna in order to capture the organisations’ vision, mission and scope of work.
  • Hold meeting or conduct focus groups with key matter experts and similar organization to explore some applied earned income modalities.
  • Assess the current fundraising, grants seeking and partnership strategies and activities implemented by RNPS.
  • Develop and write a three-year resource mobilisation strategy and action plan. This may include, but not limited to: (1) diverse of pool of donors in Palestine and abroad relevant to RNPS work and mission, (2) self-generated income through selling of mission and non-mission related services, and (3) other income generation tools like sponsorships, memberships, private sector cooperation., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Deliverables: A draft report for feedback by RNPS. Three-year resource mobilization strategy in English. Three-year action plan for strategy implementation. A map that includes all possible donors and partners in Palestine and abroad, including their priorities and requirements. Conduct a workshop for the office team in order to introduce the strategy. Consultancy requirements Post graduate degree in International development, Business Administration, Marketing or any related field preferably an expert in the cultural filed and/or creative industries At least 5 years of professional experience in fundraising consultancy. Proven track records, especially in supporting non-govermenal organisations with increasing their financial sustainability. Excellent understanding of the fundraising international market and in Palestine. Excellent analytical and writing skills. Fluent in Arabic and English.
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تاريخ النشر: ١٧ مارس ٢٠٢١
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